Welcome to the Roaring Creek Woodwright project!

My name is Joseph Pritchard, and I have loved making things since childhood, when I made things for myself and my three younger brothers. That love of making has carried through to this day.

Though I have lived in many locations in the United States, as a fifth generation resident of western North Carolina, I am fascinated with the Appalachian mountain culture. Mountain communities made most everyday items out of necessity. This mountain tradition informs my woodworking. Dulcimers, chairs, rolling pins, walking sticks, and other hearth and home items are things that the mountain people made before the advent of factory production.

The people of Appalachia were hard working small farmers, homemakers, lumberjacks, sawmillers, potters and miners. Leisure activities included singing, dancing, brewing potent potables, and making crafts, Much of this lifestyle continues to this day. I hope you enjoy this blog as we explore the folkways of the Carolina mountains.

I will offer for sale some of the items that make life a little easier or more fun, because everyone needs a break from the grind.