Roaring Creek is the name of both a road and a creek located in Avery County, North Carolina. The creek runs through a little valley, or hollar, which ends in the towering Yellow Mountain on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina.

Near the headwaters of Roaring Creek was a small farm of some 13 acres owned by my great-great grandfather Benjamin and my great grandfather Jerry. My grandfather, Granville, was born in one of the two cabins on the farm. My Dad also lived on Roaring Creek as a boy.

We have found the location of what we believe is great grandpa Jerry’s cabin. There are two piles of chimney stones at about 30 feet apart. There are four flat stones at each of the corners making the cabin about 22 by 30 feet.

There is also an ancient apple tree just a few feet from the cabin site. It has been blown over for many years but continues to send up shoots every spring. We have grafted some of these shoots into other apple trees, but they have yet to bear apples.

This little valley bordered by rugged hills and mountains, watered by the creek, is as close to being my ancestral home as any place could be.

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